Klubová výstava Slovenského klubu chovateľov rigdgebackov


so zadávaním CAC/CAJC, klub. CAC, Klubový víťaz mladých, Klubový víťaz


Club Show August 21, 2020

entry: www.onlinedogshows.sk

Judge: Oleg Fintora (Plum Pudding / SK)


10:00 – 12:00 Entry
12:30 – 16:00 Judging
16.30 Competitions


  • Due to the Covid-19 restriction, this year´s show will take place with several restrictions.
  • Regulations issued by the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic have to be followed on the exhibition grounds, including mandatory mask-wearing during judging, gloves, social distancing, desinfection etc.
  • Upon registration, the confirmation letter will be issued. Exhibitors will print out the confirmation letter from the online system themselves (it will be available approx. 10 days before the show). Catalogue numbers will be included in the confirmation letter. Exhibitors will print both documents and bring them to the show. At the entrance to the show grounds, the documents will be checked and the check stub will be torn off – that means that it will not be possible to enter the exhibition grounds without a printout of the confirmation letter.
  • Upon entering the show grounds, the exhibitors will proceed directly to their respective ring.
  • The show office will enter the results into pedigrees and hand out the prizes, please observe the required social distancing regulation
  • At the show grounds, exhibitors must follow the instructions issued by the organizer crew.

  • The show is organised according to the reglements of the FCI and SKJ and the regulations issued by the organizer. Only dogs entered in stud books recognised by the FCI are allowed to take part.
  • on line registration is possible on www.onlinedogshows.sk. If the owner of the dog is already registered online, it is necessary to to make sure that the dog/ bitch is not double registered
  • If there is need to make changes to registration dog’s  card, please contact the show organizer on info@onlinedogshows.sk.   It is necessary to register only once regardless which show you wish to attend.  Please feel free to contact us if you forgot your registration information.
  • Registration is binding.  Show fees must be forwarded within 24 hours of registration!
  • If show fees are not received within 24 hours of registration registration isrendered invalid.  If exhibitor registers several dogs; individuals registered into classes minor puppy, junior, veteran and honorary are not considered as firstregistered dog.
  • Exhibitor promises to cover show fees even in case he cannot participate in the show for whatever reason.
  • Organizer reserves the right to refuse attendance of any dog without stating reason for such refusal.
  • Registration will be confirmed by entrance ticket. Owners of registered dogs mustprint entrance tickets from online system. (Approximately 10 days before the show)
  • Every registration form must be accompanied with a clear copy of the dogs pedigree. If you are entering a puppy to the minor puppy or puppy class send the puppy card.Once proper document are obtained these should be forwarded to the organizers of the show in exchange of the temporary ones. When registering dog into a class junior and the rest of grown ups the copy of card of origin must be enclosed on line or attached.
  • Maximum allowed size of document attached on line skis 1 MB; larger document will not be accepted by the system
  • in case the owner registers his dog into an incorrect class; it will be automatically registered into the appropriate class;  individual older than 15 month will be put into open class
  • Applications,  without the appropriate attachments,  I.e. working certificate for the working group (certificate of passing exams is not enough);  copy of Certificate of Champion for champion class (only ICH or CH;  don’t attach Junior Championship).   Dogs with missing document will be automatically moved into open class.
  • It is not possible to register dog on the day of the show !
  • It is not possible to change class on the day of the show !
  • Cancellation of a confirmed entry (entries) is not possible!
  • A change of class is possible until the entry close and must be requested in writing.
  • if the show is cancelled by no fault of the organizer,  the show fees will be used to cover accumulated expenses.
  • Judge must disqualify aggressive
  • Double handling of dogs from outside the ring is prohibited.
  • Breaking the above rules may lead to expulsion of the dog from the show !!
  • Sale of puppies during the show is strictly prohibited!!
  • Organizers are not responsible for any damage caused to a dog or dogs.  Owners are responsible for any damages caused to their dogs.  Dogs are not allowed to roam freely through the exhibition spaces.
  • The exhibitors are responsible for the welfare of the dogs at a FCI international dog show. It is forbidden to expose a dog to a situation that can be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as  for example leaving it in the car in excessively hot or cold weather and/or treating it in a cruel manner. Violation of this ruling will result in exclusion from the ongoing and future dog shows.
  • Exhibitors by registering his dog to the shows agrees that the organizer will use his personal information (name, surname, address, email, telephone contact), and agrees with publication (name, surname, address) and photographic documentation of the show and its results on the organizer’s website.


Every dog must have a valid PET PASSPORT in which it will be clearely stated that the dog in concern has been vaccinated against rabies, distemper, parvovirus and hepatitis at least 21 days and atmost 1 year before the date of the show, or within the validity of the given vaccination