2nd Entry Close 5. 8. 2021

You can find a statistical overview of registered dogs on the website www.onlinedogshows.sk. It is also continuously updated between deadlines.



  1. Start with filling in your profile in the Menu – My Profile. Do not forget to read the conditions of use and mark that you agree. Before closing the card – My profile, save your data by clicking on the floppy disk icon (save changes).
  2. In the next step please register your dogs in the Menu – My Dogs. Fill in all the requested data and always finish with saving the data – by clicking on the floppy diskicon (save changes). If you would like to register another dog, continue by clicking on New Record in the window My Dogs.
  3. The third step is to fill in the entry form in the Menu – My new entries. After it has opened, choose a particular show (International dog show Bratislava – Friday and/or Duodanube – Saturday/Sunday), then the dog you want to enter. Afterwards you just fill in the form step-by-step. Obligatory fields are red. If you want to send more entries (entering more dogs or entering to more shows), select Yes in the field Add new entry? at the end of the form. Otherwise, or after completing all forms, click Send all entries.
  4. You can only send an entry for the Best Brace competition after completing the second form of the same breed and of the opposite sex.
  5. Pay the entry fees only after your registration for the particular show, based on the e-mail with all the necessary information – the sum of entry fees, bank account and a variable symbol. It is impossible to identify a payment without a proper variable symbol. Make the payment within 24 hours after submitting your entry. The payment must be made in a particular entry close date, otherwise a debt will be imposed on your entry/entries.
  6. For changing the class or cancelling the entry, please read the conditions in the show premium list. Please contact the organiser of the given show for more information.
  7. Entries that will not possess all the required certificates (working certificates for working class, championship certificate for champion or honors class) will be transferred to open class without a notification to the owner.